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Bow Service Package

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Shenandoah Sporting Goods is always here to help you when your bow needs accessories installed, or a tune-up.  

Labor on Bows purchased at Shenandoah Sporting Goods: With the purchase of a bow from our shop, you will receive free set up and installation of any accessory items purchased.

Labor on Bows purchased elsewhere: Any bow brought in for a “full setup” that was not purchased at Shenandoah Sporting Goods will be subject to a $100.00 minimum set up and consultation fee. This fee includes the following: Rest Adjustment, Peep Adjustment, Draw Length Adjustment, Weight Adjustment, Sight Adjustment, and 15 minutes of range time with Pro Staff Instruction. Any additional work beyond this package will be billed at $50.00 an hour, with a 1/2 hour minimum.

Other a-la-carte labor expenses are listed below: 

  • Minimum Press Fee: $15
  • Peep Install: $25 Plus cost of Peep
  • Sight Install: $25-50
  • Rest Install: $15-45
  • Quiver Install: $25
  • Draw Length Adjusted: $15-75
  • Poundage Adjusted: $15
  • Reserve Center Serving: $25
  • Chronograph (3 Shots): $7.50
  • Cut Arrows: $1 Each
  • Cut Arrows and Install Inserts: $1.50 Plus Cost of Inserts